Meditation classes

Meditation and spiritual development courses to help you thrive!

Meditation connects you to the wellness of your whole body. It may improve compassion and empathy with others which promotes healthy relationships. The scientific benefits of meditation include; reduced stress, lower blood pressure, immune support, improved sleep, clarity, and focus.

Enjoy classes LIVE remote and on-demand. Suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

LIVE Remote Meditation Courses

Balance chakras through channelledmeditation. Release stress. Increase wellness.
Chakra Meditation Circle
11 February – 25 March 2021

Spiritual Meditation Teacher Training course with Samantha Avery
Meditation Teacher Training and Mentoring
For professionals in Spiritual Development and Wellness with fully developed psychic abilities, ready to share their gifts through meditation. Allow your own vibration and excellence to shine.

Meditation On-Demand

Chakra Meditation Course with Samantha Avery. Download now.
Chakra Healing Meditation Circle  
(Beginners – Intermediate)
Fun, healing meditations to balance and align your chakras. Immediate access. Duration: 7 classes

Divine Soul Healing Meditation Course
Access your higher intelligence and Divine Purpose for this lifetime. Powerful meditations journey beyond the 7 major chakras and into the realms of the higher chakras; Soul Star, Yin and Yang polarities, Stellar Gateway, and Earth Star.

Higher LOVE Consciousness Meditation (Advanced) 
Rich, channeled meditations explore spiritual expansion and energy transformation. Duration: 5 Fortnightly classes.

Private Meditation Class 
Beginners. Intermediate. Advanced
Personalised meditation class to develop your meditation technique to suit your level and development.
1-hour consultations remotely and in-person.
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