podcast why hospitals embrace reiki with Samantha Avery

Episode 4: Why Hospitals are Embracing Reiki

Join Finding Clarity and Samantha Avery in a fun discussion about what Reiki is, where it came from, Reiki in isolation, the use of Reiki in hospitals, and the current scientific trials happening in the USA. Podcast, Finding Clarity by In Xootro.

Episode 3: Powerful Distant Reiki Healing Essentials

Samantha and Deb Karpek unlock why clients are reporting more powerful healings over distance remotely than they’ve ever had before, in person.

Episode 2: Chakra Mapping; The Art of Enquiry

What are your physical symptoms informing you about your emotional and spiritual wellbeing? In this fun interview, Samantha unlocks the wisdom of your body in her unique technique, Chakra Mapping (c).

Episode 1: Emotional Freedom & Resilience with Reiki

Samantha and Deb Karpek discuss how Reiki is a doorway to sustainable emotional freedom and resilience, at the Reiki Rays Healing Summit.

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