ON-DEMAND Higher LOVE Consciousness Meditations


Immediate Access

3 Levels

14 Meditations

Channeled meditations to assist greater strength and insights during your personal experience of change, to gain peace and fluidity for a more fulfilling and empowering transition on a soul level.


Suitable for advanced meditators.


“With great change comes great growth.

Many insights are born, and resistances exposed.”

2017 brought in the energy of transformation. When we accessed its strength and gifts, the shifts could be highly rewarding for our greater good. Change, however can provoke resistance, making the transition a little challenging.

In mid 2017, through requests from fellow meditators guided by Spirit, a new advanced meditation circle was formed within 24 hours. The channeled messages received for the group were profound and enriched with spiritual truths.

 “This is your time to be your TRUTH in the world. The truth to be your strength, your passion and your greater good. This is the elevation of consciousness that will overcome all limitations.

Your higher purpose of inner strength and fulfillment is of service to others. Humanity has a collective purpose; to raise the vibration of the whole.”

The meditations provided a depth of personal healing and awareness. It soon became clear that these gifts were to be shared with our greater community.

 “Peace is strength. Community is truth.”

Each class has been recorded live. They include discussions, meditations, and exercises to assist in deepening your spiritual and psychic abilities and elevate your awareness and connection to LOVE energy.

Classes are delivered fortnightly to your inbox. Due to the high vibration of the recordings, it’s recommended that you experience the meditations a couple of times before listening to the next class.


Join the conversation!

As a member of the Higher LOVE consciousness community, you will be invited to join our private Facebook support group where you can share your experiences with other advanced meditators.

Higher LOVE Consciousness

Part 1 – Four fortnightly classes

Part 2 – Five fortnightly classes

Part 3 – Five fortnightly classes

Part 4 – Five fortnightly classes



Individual course  $49

  • Minimum of 4 classes
  • Membership to a private online support group

Complete Series 1    $99 (Value $285)

  • Part 1 – 4 classes
  • Part 2 – 5 classes
  • Part 3 – 5 Classes
  • Auric Cleanse Breath Audio
  • Membership to a private online support group

Lightworker Package   $149 (value $513)

  • Part 1 – 4 classes
  • Part 2 – 5 classes
  • Part 3 – 5 Classes
  • 14 corresponding crystal tumble stones for each meditation.
  • Full size Resonate Essence Crystal Clear Aura and Room Spray
  • Space Clearing Ritual
  • Auric Cleansing Breath audio
  • Free shipping
  • Membership to a private online support group

Additional information

Course Type

Online – Part 1, Online – Part 2, Online – Part 3, Complete Series 1, Light workers Pack – Series 1, Online – Part 4


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