Divine Purpose Meditation Course

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5 Classes

Access your higher intelligence and divine purpose for this lifetime.

Experience powerful meditations into your higher chakras; Soul Star, Yin and Yang polarities, Stellar Gateway and Earth Star.

Audio downloads, recorded live.

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Unlock. Access. Step forward.

Did you know that you can access your higher intelligence and divine purpose of this lifetime? Imagine having the insights and wisdom of why you’re really here! Gain tools to support your energy to realise your purposeful journey.

Enjoy weekly powerful meditations into the realms of the Higher Chakras; Soul Star, Yin, and Yang polarities, Stellar Gateway and Earth Star.

  • Class 1: Soul Star – Reason for being, incarnation on the earth, souls journey
  • Class 2: Yin Chakra– Divine feminine, accessing & receiving the wisdom of our divinity.
  • Class 3:: Yang Chakra – Divine Masculine, activating our divinity on the earth plane
  • Class 4: Stellar Gateway – the doorway into other worlds.
  • Class 5: Earth Star – Realising our desires of the Divine Self.

This course is the sequel to Chakra Healing Meditation Course. It is recommended that students registering for Divine Soul Meditations have an understanding of the seven major chakras or have completed the Chakra Healing Meditation Course and are able to meditate for a minimum of 20 minutes.


Divine Purpose Meditation Course

Duration:  5 classes x 40 minutes each over 2 – 3 audios

Format: Audio


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