Meditation On-Demand

Chakra Healing Meditation Course (All levels)

Divine Soul Meditation Course (All levels)

Higher Love Consciousness (Advanced)

Stella Gateway Meditation (Intermediate-advanced)

Reiki Healing Summit 2019

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Chakra Healing Meditation Course (Beginners – Intermediate)

7 weekly classes


Divine Soul Healing Meditation Course (All levels)

Access your higher intelligence and Divine Purpose for this lifetime. Powerful meditations journey beyond the 7 major chakras an into the realms of the higher Chakras; Soul Star, Yin and Yang polarities, Stellar Gateway and Earth Star. Read more

meditation online course for spiritual development

Stella Gateway Meditation (Advanced)

32 min live recording with Samantha Avery

Higher LOVE Consciousness Meditation Course (Advanced)

3  Series. 20 classes / series

Reiki Healing Summit 2019 (all levels)

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