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Spiritual Healer. Reiki Master Teacher. Speaker. Meditation Instructor.

About Samantha AveryMy journey as a Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master Teacher evolved from a thirst for a deep understanding of our soul’s purpose. From a young age, I had a highly visual imagination and emotional sensitivity. I believed that our body was an amazing vessel capable of healing itself on many levels. I intuitively knew that we were capable of far more than the physical. I felt limited by the life I was experiencing and yearned for a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment.

In 2003 I migrated to Australia and anchored my spiritual journey. Uluru, Australia is considered the Solar Plexus of the World. Many visitors to this land go through a powerful journey of self-exploration and spiritual awakening. Some feel forced to access a deeper understanding of themselves, opening the vessel of self-love. I was one of them. A stranger in a new land, I gained the self-awareness and confidence to leave a disempowering relationship, ready to embrace a deeper level of spiritual love and soul purpose.

I mastered many forms of Spiritual Healing. Reiki energised and strengthened my body, mind, and soul. Past Life Clearing gave me the tools to clear fears from the past that restricted me from a fulfilling life. Angel Intuitive healings gave me access to an unconditional love I could not have imagined existed. I learned spiritual tools that released old patterns to create loving relationships and an abundant lifestyle.

Through meditation, I met soul mates and fine-tuned a clear connection with my Spiritual Guides and Angels. Doreen Virtue announced I was a natural teacher and would help many.  I developed a unique relationship with the spirit of my late father who became my first teacher of the spirit world. For the first time in my life, I felt that I was not alone. That an inner peace had filled me, and that I truly understood the meaning of unconditional love.

I learned that with love in your heart, ego put to bed, and integrity by your side, everything is possible. When you harness the art of manifesting, a truly powerful skill, you can turn your hopes and dreams into reality. I now have the best job in the world… being a mum to a very special boy and helping thousands of people bring love, abundance, and harmony into their lives through psychic readings, spiritual healings, personal meditations, workshops, Reiki training courses, and retreats.

We all have angels, we all have guides, and we are all surrounded by a greater love and strength that you can tap into. I look forward to supporting you with the healing energy, spiritual guidance, and knowledge that you seek to create more peace, happiness, and success in all areas of your life.

In Sam’s own words

“My passion is to assist you to access and explore your inner gifts to embrace a more harmonious and empowered life path. Allow your Angels and Guides to take you beyond the day to day and give you directions for greater fulfillment, tranquillity, and happiness.”

Samantha’s Reiki Lineage

Samantha Avery’s authentic Reiki lineage as a Reiki Master Teacher descends from Hawayo Takata, Chujiro Hayashi, and Mikao Usui Sensi. Samantha is registered as a Reiki Master Teacher with professional association, Australian Reiki Connection (ARC). All consultations and courses facilitated by Samantha, adhere to the ARC Code of Ethics and Conduct, and the NSW Code of Conduct for Unregistered Healthcare Practitioners

What others say…

“Sam is a very special person who creates a very loving and safe environment for her clients and students. For a number of years I have seen Sam for healings, retreats, and meditation and Reiki classes. The beautiful energy and genuine care that Sam brings to every healing and class enables personal insight and growth. Sam is a highly intuitive, loving and connected person who joyfully shares her wisdom and compassion. Sam, thank you for being a wonderful and supportive part of my journey, I look forward to many more special retreats, classes and healings.”

Julie V.

“Samantha, is a genuinely caring soul. She is a gifted healer with a strong foundation of training and knowledge that enables her to work effectively with a range of people and issues. If you are willing to be guided and allow yourself to receive, then a session with Sam can be a powerful moment in your life. Sam is part of my support network and I find her work such a gift.”

Natalie Wareham, Kinesiologist

“Sam has a very clear, strong and beautiful connection to the Angels/Spirit and is blessed with many spiritual gifts. Sam brought through the words of Spirit with such accuracy and in a way that was both compassionate and uplifting.”

Kerry B, Spiritual Healer

“My experience with Samantha was most enlightening – with truth from the heart.”

Kristine Matheson, Cancer to Wellness

“Samantha Avery is a wonderful teacher, and a really inspiring presence on my Reiki journey. Her courses are always great too – enlightening, informative and lots of fun. Sam really knows her stuff!”

Margaret M, App designer

“From the moment I met Sam, I was touched and uplifted by her bright-eyed health and warmth; her clear, steady and exquisite connection with Spirit. 

I recommend a healing session with Sam.  It is a beautiful and also, empowering experience. She is a gifted healer and teacher. 

I chose Sam to teach me Reiki I, II and Masters.  This lift to my own life, and my life’s possibilities, is immeasurable. I am blessed to have met her.”

Elizabeth A. Adelaide

“Thank you Sam for creating such a perfect retreat, for your wisdom, love and nurturing.”

Charm M, Entrepreneur

“Samantha is a very caring person whose skills are very well honed. I have had several natural therapy sessions with Samantha which were beautiful and helped me tremendously. I also did a level 1 Reiki course which she taught which was a lot of fun as well as giving me more great tools to my kit bag. I would recommend Samantha both for therapy sessions and as a teacher and hope other people get as much joy from being around her as I do.”

Sara C, HR Manager, Writer

“Thank you Sam for your wisdom, divine guidance and generosity of spirit and enthusiasm.”

Alison P, Executive coach

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