4 Tips You Need to Know About Being a Novice Reiki Healer

4 Tips You Need to Know About Being a Novice Reiki Healer

Congratulations and welcome to the exciting and empowering path of Reiki healing! You have answered the calling within your heart to explore the many aspects of Reiki for healing yourself, your loved ones, and your fur babies.

As a Reiki Level 2 practitioner or Reiki Master, you may be stepping onto the path of the Reiki Therapist offering to heal clients. Quite often the call to share Reiki with others has been inspired by a positive, even profound, impact on our own life. Many people express how Reiki helped with; pain relief, coping with stress and anxiety, reduced insomnia, recovery from illness, improved wellbeing, and personal and spiritual development.

However Reiki has impacted your life, it’s natural to be enthusiastic and hopeful that others will enjoy the benefits as much as you. This enthusiasm can also create unnecessary pressure and expectations on the outcome of the Reiki treatments you give.

Reiki Healer placing hands on the temples

4 Tips to conduct a powerful Reiki healing

1. Trust, practice and embrace the Reiki precepts

The principle; “Just for today I do my work honestly”, reminds the healer that it is Reiki and the recipient that does the healing. It is the healer’s position to be of clear mind and heart, opening their channel to Reiki for the recipient to access. Reiki has its own intelligence it will go where ever it is needed. Trust in the higher intelligence of Reiki!

2. Be of a clear mind

Healers are natural givers. However, when giving healing let Reiki do the work. The recipient’s higher self and free will receive whatever they need or are ready for at that moment. Supporting your client’s healing journey with empowerment and understanding will build a stronger result for your client.

3. Keep your energy clean

Ensure all blankets and pillows are physically and energetically clean for every treatment. Create an energetically clean practice. Before each treatment, imagine a bubble of white light around your energy field protecting you from negativity. Then bubble your recipient’s energy in white light. Now bubble both of you in light blue light and intend that the healing be given for the highest good of all. This is a simple and very effective psychic protection technique.

4. Remember to receive Reiki!

Practicing Reiki self-Reiki and receiving it from others is very important. It reminds you of how simple yet powerfully supportive Reiki healing is. Keep your energy balanced and vibrant so you are always sharing Reiki from a full cup.

Article by Samantha Avery

Samantha Avery is a Master Teacher of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, a Spiritual Healer and clairvoyant. She is a member of the Australian Reiki Connection professional association, practicing in Sydney’s sunny North Shore, Australia since 2006. Samantha supports clients through emotional empowerment, career and relationship growth, and spiritual development. Samantha supports interstate and international clients with remote healing, online readings and meditation classes. Samantha’s strength is getting to the root of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance to achieve deep healing. Samantha is well regarded for the gentle safe space she creates for her clients and students to access the higher energy of Reiki.
Samantha is passionate about sharing Reiki and facilitates regular classes in Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, Reiki Master, and Reiki Teacher Training. The Reiki community she supports receives additional Reiki workshops and mentoring to support their professional Reiki practice throughout the year.

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