Recapture your zest for life, spiritual balance, and belief in your own energetic strength. Reiki, Spiritual Healings, and Psychic Readings are always informative, giving you tools to manage your energy and embrace the life you want to live. Consultations available in-person and remotely.


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“My passion is to assist you to access and explore your inner gifts to embrace a more harmonious and empowered life path. Allow your Angels and Guides to take you beyond the day-to-day and give you directions for greater fulfillment, tranquillity and happiness.” – Samantha Avery

“Sam is a wonderful practitioner and I feel privileged to have healing sessions with her. In a relatively short time, an enormous amount of energy is transformed and wisdom is shared. I highly recommend Samantha Avery.”

Janine S.

“Samantha has helped me feel confident about past, present and future occurrences through channeled meditation, Reiki teaching, healings and angelic readings. Energetic healings have enabled me to shed worries and move forward in life feeling refreshed and supported by the spirit world. I highly recommend her abilities for your spiritual empowerment.” 

Robin M, Midwife

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