Usui Reiki Level 2


18-19 Feb 2023 (Weekend)

2-3 Mar 2023 (Weekday)



2-Day courses. In-person every month. 

Learn from experienced Reiki Master Teacher, Samantha Avery. Practitioner since 2006.

Balance and cleanse emotional issues of the past. Clear mental patterning that no longer serves you. Learn Reiki symbols and distance healing techniques. Share Reiki Level 2 healings for yourself and your loved ones or choose to become a qualified Reiki Practitioner.

14 CPE points may be awarded by your Natural Health Care professional association.

Course recognised by Australian Reiki Connection Professional Association

Student/Teacher ratio: 10:1

Face-to-face training hours: 16



$149.75 x 4 weekly payments BOOK PLAN

Or $599 x 1 payment

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“If you enjoyed Reiki Level 1, then you will love Reiki Level 2! It’s an excellent continuation that expands on everything from the first course. Highly recommend.” Kaan, 2022

Reiki Level 2 in-person training will give you the tools to clear and balance energies of the past and future. You will receive three sacred Reiki symbols. These powerful symbols can be used to energise your body, clear past lives or trauma, and magnetise positive energy for the future. You can even apply them to cleanse your home or office, empower your business cards or website, and send Reiki for successful public speaking events, and more.


2-Day Training over one weekend or two weekdays.


You will learn

  • 3 Sacred Reiki II symbols – their meanings and how to use them for Level II healings
  • Scan, cleanse & balance the Aura and Chakras for energy
  • Harmonise emotions and thoughts of the past, present & future
  • Distant Healing; across space and time
  • Past Life clearing
  • Manifest and empower goals using Reiki
  • Psychic Reading using Reiki
  • Use of the 3 sacred Reiki II symbols
  • How to set up a professional practice
  • Professional conduct and ethics
  • Australian standards for unregistered healthcare practitioners.


All students who have completed an ARC Inc recognized Level II workshop will be proficient and ethical Reiki II Practitioners able to demonstrate a working knowledge of Level II.

  1. Full attendance of the course.
  2. Demonstration of level 2 hand positions, advanced healing techniques, and hand pressure.
  3. Correct execution and spelling of level 2 symbols.
  4. Strong understanding of the history of Reiki.
  5. Demonstration of professional practice, client cards, and client feedback.
  6. Self-healing and ongoing development.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend of learning and for a very special healing yesterday. I loved your instruction and look forward to building ongoing Reiki knowledge and experiences.” Christine D

Upon completion of the course criteria, you will receive:reiki level 2 practitioners celebrate with certificates

    • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level 2 sacred attunement
    • Three Reiki Level 2 sacred symbols
    • A personal set of Chakra Crystals
    • A gift voucher for 15% off your next healing with Samantha Avery
    • Your Reiki lineage showing your training is a direct descendant of Mikao Usui Sensi
    • Certification qualifying you as Reiki Level II professional healer, recognized by the Australian Reiki Connection

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Pre-requisite: All applicants must have a Reiki Level I certification and Reiki lineage.

Why Study Reiki Level 2?

  • Double your energy from level 1
  • Deepens your healing on an emotional and mental level, as well as the physical body.
  • Access a deeper understanding of the secondary chakras to strengthen client healing
  • Access manifesting tools using Reiki symbols
  • Reiki Level 2 Practitioner qualification. Work as a professional healer if you choose to (see T&C).
  • Increase your own vibration through deep self-healings


Our CommunityReiki 1 healers

As a Level 2 Reiki Healer, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Continue to Reiki Masters to become a qualified Master Practitioner
  2. Join our Reiki Community online; connect and share stories
  3. Be pampered by your Reiki friends at in-person and remote Reiki Group Shares!


Book with confidence. New courses held every month.

Venue Guidance for Heart and Soul, Suite 5 / 66 Clark Road, Anderson Park, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089.

Investment: $599 or

$149.75 x 4 weekly payments. BOOK PLAN

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What to Bring to Class

  1. Bottle of drinking water
  2. Sarong or light blanket to cover your full body during the healing
  3. Pillow with a clean pillowcase
  4. Notepad & pen



Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your registration, please notify us immediately. A full refund less 5% administration fee is awarded when 14 days notice or more, is given prior to the course start date. 13 – 7 days’ notice attracts a 50% refund. 6 days or less notice, attract a 0% refund.

Discuss your Reiki Level 2 Practitioner journey with Samantha today!

Call 0410 345 059 or email

All Reiki classes are conducted by Samantha Avery, a Professional Reiki Master Teacher, with more than 16 years of experience. Samantha is a Teacher Master Practitioners member of the Australian Reiki Connection professional association. Samantha is highly regarded as an excellent teacher of psychic development, energetic healing, and meditation. Samantha provides a safe, sacred space for you to explore and develop your spiritual wellbeing.

All Reiki courses with Samantha Avery are recognised by the Australian Reiki Connection.

Additional information

Course Date

Manly – 19-20 Sept, Manly – 7-8 May 2016, Neutral Bay – 28-29 Nov 2015, Manly – 21 – 22 May 2016, Neutral Bay – 25-26 June 2016, Neutral Bay – 30 – 31 Jul 2016, Neutral Bay – 22-23 Oct 2016, Manly – 10-11 Sept 2016, Manly 14-17 July 2016, Manly 20-21 May 2017, Mosman 29-30 July 2017, Manly 7-8 Oct 2017, Mosman 4-5 November 2017, R2 graduate 10-11 Mar 2018, Mosman 10-11 Mar 2018, Mosman 28-29 Jul 2018, Mosman 17-18 Nov 2018, 6-7 April 2019 – Mosman, 26-27 July 2019 – Mosman, 19-20 Oct 2019 – Mosman, 18-19 Feb 2023, 2-3 Mar 2023, 29-30 Apr 2023, 25 May 2023, 10-11 Jun 2023, 20-21 Jul 2023, 31 Aug 2023, 28-29 Oct 2023, 9-10 Nov 2023


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