Resonate Essences Energy and Body Sprays



Raise your vibration with Resonate Essences!

When you’re feeling in need of an energetic clean or contaminated by negative thoughts or your environment, allow the uplifting aromas & vibrations of Resonate Essence spray to cleanse your aura & let the light back in.

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Sprays are an amazingly simple & effective way to change the energy of a room or your energy field by spraying above & around the body. Each combination of scents has an instant effect on our emotional centers via the connection between smell & the limbic brain.

A powerful healing tool, each spray has a unique scent that can be used as a body perfume & mood enhancer as you boost your vibrational energy field. Each spray comes with a FREE mediation download.

The Collection

  • BLISS – Choose this to feel lighter, brighter & uplifted at any time. Great energy pick-me-up.
  • CLEANSE & PROTECT – Cleansing of your energy body, space or room. Increases protection of your auric field environment.
  • CREATION – Alignment with your Soul’s purpose & desires, creation & co-creation abilities to manifest, birthing & nurturing of new projects, ideas, work, or a new life. Great to use in Pre-Conception care.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR – Choose this when you’re feeling vibrationally flat or low, contaminated with negative thoughts & feelings generated within yourself, or picked up from others or your environment.
  • GOLDEN ASCENSION – Choose this when you are ready to awaken your Divine Soulspark to infinite love and radiant power of the Golden Ascension codes.
  • OPTIMISM – Increases the feeling of lightness & expansion that can flow into your life. Brings a feeling of drawing the sunshine into your being, a feeling of happiness & brightness
  • PRESENT TIME – clears the aura & energy body of the codes, cordings & old patterns that we are connected to from our past experiences.
  • PROSPERITY – Increases our ability to feel & live a prosperous life; financial flow & abundance, increasing emotional well-being flowing from increasing states of health & happiness, of joy, love & laughter.
  • RE-BALANCE – An energizing & enlivening spray to bring your physical body & energy field into a greater state of balance & Re-Balance. Balances Yin & Yang twin flame energies.


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Bliss, Cleans & Protect, Creation, Crystal Clear, Golden Ascension, Optimism, Present Time, Prosperity, Re-Balance


100ml, 50ml


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