Distant Reiki Workshop


Be unlimited in your spiritual healing powers!

Remote Distant Healing gives you the tools to send Reiki to anyone whatever the distance between you and someone in need.

In-person experiential workshop Suitable for Reiki graduates of Reiki Level 2 or Masters.


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Distant Reiki is the perfect healing solution when face-to-face consultations are not possible.

Fun, compact workshop guiding you through powerful, yet simple Distant Reiki Healing for your loved ones, clients and yourself.

  • The Principles of Distant or Remote Reiki Healing
  • How to explain what Distant Reiki is to others
  • Guided process to give Distant Reiki Healing
  • Guided process to give Distant Reiki to others.

What to bring

  1. Note-taking device
  2. 1 Proxy (a brand new teddy bear or new pillowcase to draw on. (No pre-used items).
  3. Reference of your Reiki Symbols (Levels 2 & Masters)
  4. Glass of water



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