Crystal Healing for Abundance



Are you ready to ask for the abundance you truly desire?


Use the power of crystal healing energy to activate abundance in your finances, relationships, health, and career.

Compact 20-minute workshop.

Suitable for everyone.



Abundance is the follow of life. Abundance affects financial decisions, the people we attract in love and friendships, job opportunities and many other areas of life.
  • Identify what and how your energy is currently working with abundance.
  • Experience practical processes to clear abundance blockages
  • Which crystals to use for clearing and strengthening; Career/business, love relationships, family, friendships

You will need:

  1. Note-taking device
  2. Glass of water

Exclusive crystal sets are available for purchase here.


  1. Claire Louise Killick

    Im loving the mini lunchtime workshops!
    The crystal healing for abundance was so informative and well presented, I learnt so much in such a short space of time about the best crystals to use for manifestation
    These workshops are a great way to learn and feel connected weekly, during these restrictive lockdown days
    Thanks so much Samantha

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