3 Simple Tips to an Empowered 2017

3 Simple Tips to an Empowered 2017

According to numerologists, 2017 is a “number 1 year”, a year of new beginnings (2+0+1+7= 10. 1+0=1).  This is an empowering time! Reflect on all the positive experiences and achievements of 2016 and then create your new goals for the new year.


3 Tips for activating an empowering 2017

Tip: Grab a pen and paper. Write in the present tense, as if it is happening now!


Step 1. Get focused… loosely

When we focus on the things that uplift our energy we feel nurtured. Our self-esteem improves and this supports our goals and visions.

What do you REALLY want? Keep it general and focus on how you want to FEEL. This helps you avoid obstacle of self-doubt and procrastination. E.g. Happiness, health, relationships, wealth.

Write: What I REALLY want is _____________.


Step 2. Get into the detail

Get visual. If Happiness was your key outcome (step 1) List where feeling happy shows up in your life. E.g.  I laugh with great friends, I attract happy people in my life. My relationships are filled with happy and harmonious. I love my work. I feel energised, I have a positive outlook.

Write: 5 ways [Happiness] shows up in my life:


Step 3.  Baby steps

Nurture your vision with BABY steps. List 5 things you can do towards your key outcome (step 1)

E.g. reconnect with friends I enjoy to be with, do work I enjoy, start a gratitude journal, watch a funny movie, attend laughter yoga.

*Reference: Mike Dooley’s Playing The Matrix

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