How to Create an Effective Vision Board

Vision Boards are a powerful tool to visualise the life you WANT to live. They are used in many areas of personal growth, spirituality, creativity and business. As a former fashion designer my colleagues and I used vision boards (mood boards) to keep focused on key trends – to stay on track on achieving agreed themes and focus in actualising our visions for the brand.


A vision board is a constant visual reminder of where you are heading. It’s popular…because it works!


Dynamic leaders of any small or large company consistently have a clear vision for their future; 1 year, 5 years, 10 years.


2017 is the year of new beginnings. Make yours a powerful one! Join in creative and spiritual fun as you carve and powerfully activate your dreams and goals for the new year.


5 Steps to Creating your Vision Board for a New Year

When creating a vision board, reflect and embrace the 7 areas of life:

1. Learning / personal development / mind health

2. Vocational / career / business

3. Financial

4. Family

5. Social (hobbies / sport / community / friendships)

6. Physical Health

7. Spiritual


Step 1:  Reflection

With the 7 areas of life in mind, write down your personal achievements, insights and / or strengths for each month of last year. For example;

Januarytop-1691559_640 – meditated regularly

February – rebuilt relationship with family friend

March – engaged financial adviser

April – Joined a walking group

There may be a similar theme for a few months, or they may differ. The important thing is that you focus on the positive outcomes of that month. For example, you may have experienced a loss of someone close to you and processing sadness and grief. The positive is that it may have brought you closer to others people around you, gave you a sense of gratitude for having them in your life or gratitude that the present day is to be valued and enjoyed.

Focusing on the positive of the previous year engages us for more positive experiences and action for the new Year.


Step 2 – Your emotional vision


When activating your vision and goals for the year ahead it is imperative you access the emotions. These emotions stimulate the imagination and opens up new possibilities to achieving those goals. The mind is engaged in achieving your vision.

With the 7 areas of life in mind, jot down a few words about how you would like to FEEL in the new year.How would you

like to feel every day, living your ultimate life… What are the emotions? Happy, joyful, confident,empowered, relaxed, peaceful, engaged, inspired, energised, abundant etc.

Now write down anything you would like to action the relates to the emotion.


Step 3 – Imagery – 30 minutes!


With a broad range of magazines and scissors at your side, tear out images and words that reflect the way you wa nt to feel achieving your goal.

Set the timer for 30 minutes…ready, steady….go!


Step 4 – final stage

Give yourself 20vision-board-520757_640 minutes to cut out the relevant images and stick them on an A3 card / thick paper / whiteboard / Newspaper.

Once complete, place your vision board where you will see it everyday. This will keep your energy, mind and emotions on purpose!


Happy manifesting!

Angel Light, Samantha

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