Mind clearing tips

Mind clearing tips

Have you ever woke up and noticed your mind repeating your thoughts of yesterday or replaying your plans for the day ahead?

Most of us do. The thoughts often recycle. When we are in this thinking pattern, rarely does the mind give clear direction or reward of insight. Instead, it often drains us of energy. But here’s what’s really interesting… Notice the time. Check the clock. Ten minutes, one hour, easily slips by.

Imagine waking up vibrant, clear headed, ready for a new day. You can achieve this by training the mind. And you are its best (and only) teacher. Here are my favourite 3 mind clearing exercises for you to enjoy each day.


10 Minute Morning Practice

  1. Brain hook ups


  •  Sitting upright or laying in bed, cross your right ankle over your left ankle
  • Cross your right wrist over your left.
  • Turn the palms to face one another.
  • Clasp and hook through to rest under your chin. Placing your tongue behind the teeth on the bridge of your mouth, take 6 long slow breaths.
  • Unhook arms and legs. Repeat on the other  side. [image: braingym. video source: physiotech]




Train your mind to be more present by noticing what is happening in your body and environment.

  • Close your eyes. Notice the colour, lightness / darkness behind your eyelids.
  • Notice the sounds in the room and outside of the room. not needing to search or identify. just notice. And let it go.
  • Notice smells. Not needing to label anything. let it go.
  • Notice the sense of taste in the mouth; sweet, bitter, salty, sour. let it go.
  • Notice how your body is resting on the seat that is supporting your weight.
  • Take your awareness to the soles of the feet. drop your weight into your feet and notice the points of contact the feet have with the floor. Notice where the foot is lifted without contact to the floor.
  • As you pour the weight of your body and mind trough the feet and into the earth, imagine the earth pushing its energy toward you meet you, supporting you. You may feel a warmth or tingling in your feet.



  1. Write it out of the mind

release stress and anxiety through journaling.




Write down your “to do” list before going to bed. If you remember something in the middle of the night, add it to the list.

Avoid laying in bed pondering and worrying that you may forget in the morning.

Enjoy clarity and vibrancy!


Angel Light, Samantha x

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