2016 Year of the Divine Masculine

2016 Year of the Divine Masculine

2016 is the year of the divine masculine… This means this year your souls truth – your ethics, values, souls purpose, with be your reality. Yes, it will be almost impossible to live without your values anchoring each decision and direction you take. These values will be challenged. Fears, doubts and ego may get in the way. But not for long! This is powerful stuff!

So let’s get the best of you into action in 2016!

1) Contemplate
What have my challenges been in 2015? What POSITIVE action about myself has it forced me to take? This is your power and life purpose.

2) Take note

When we have faced challenges, we go through a period of trying to understand why. That’s the important healing process. Grab a pen and paper – write down 2015 challenges.

3) Identify

You’ll see a theme unfold. This is an important part of the process.

4)The gift

Whatever the theme is, gift yourself with it. And recognize how others support you in this.
E.g. If you have been poorly treated by others who exhibit little value for you and the people you love, step away from blame or being dragged into the energy of the victim. The true gift is for YOU to value YOURSELF beyond measure!

When we step out of the lower energies of fear, anger, destruction we can embrace peace, harmony and growth.

Here’s to a powerful 2016!!

Angel Light
Samantha x

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