31.01.18 Blood Moon Ritual

BLood Moon manifesting blog with Samantha Avery

Master your Life…Catapult 2018 into action!

Whether you have set your goals or are resisting the to-do list, NOW is the perfect time to get clear. Utilise the intense energies of the Blood Moon on January 30, with a simple 15-minute ritual.


Why now?

2017 was the year of the individual. It was a challenging year for many as you were forced to embrace and defend your core truth. It was an opportunity for personal, physical, and spiritual growth.


2018 Master Year

2018 is a Master year. (2+0+1+8=11). The energy of the Master year will drive you to master your awakenings of 2017. There will be more opportunities for you to practice and build upon these strengths. Your full presence and intention are needed.

Stay focused. The ego loves to tempt you into the familiar old patterns (and challenges!) through self-doubt and distraction. You worked hard last year, you don’t need to repeat the lessons!


Your ready to fully embrace your soul’s growth and empowerment… Grab 2 sheets of A4 paper and a pen.


Step 1 – Success

Scan 2017 by month and list your success, breakthroughs, insights and clarity. Perhaps you gained insights into your health, achievements in your career, turning points to mark personal achievements, financial success (big and small), gained insights into a relationship, spiritual landmarks, or growth.  Your list may be 2 – 6 points, We shall call them  “insights”; turning points that marked a positive change in your life.


Step 2 – goals

Your insights are the foundations of your intentions/goals for 2018. You will build on these.


On new paper, draw a large circle. Divide it into 7 equal parts. Label each segment as follows:

  1. Health
  2. Love relationships
  3. Wealth
  4. Spirituality / personal development
  5. Family and friends
  6. Career / Study
  7. Fun and recreation


Step 3 – Intentions

In each segment write 1 or 2 goals or intentions. E.g.:

Personal Development: 1) Download meditation app. 2) Enroll in Level 2 Reiki course.

Family and Friends 1) Invite _____ to open-air cinema.


Put your life wheel where you will see it every day (my favourite place is on the fridge!). Tick each action point as you complete it.

Enjoy an empowered 2018!


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