Reiki Healing Summit 2023


The Inner Garden of Light:

Rooting Ourselves in Reiki Practice for Personal & Global Healing

🌍 Global Online Event

November 11 – 15, 2023


33 Highly influential Reiki Speakers and teachers share their wisdom in Healthcare, Scientific perspective, Spiritual practices, Reiki symbols and much, much more…

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This transformative 5-day summit brings together some of the world’s most influential pioneers in the field of Reiki, including Ann Baldwin, Jojan L. Jonker, Pamela Miles, Tina Zion, Frans Stiene, Andrea Kennedy, Robert Fueston, Torsten Lange, Ifetayo White, and many more!

From ancient teachings to cutting-edge techniques, from self-care rituals to global healing initiatives, each session will illuminate the transformative potential of Reiki practice in our lives and the collective consciousness.

Get ready to explore…
✅ Scientific perspectives about Reiki and its remarkable effects
✅ Cutting-edge methods & techniques to elevate your healing practice
✅ Common myths and misconceptions about Reiki
✅The root causes of illness & unique Reiki approaches
✅How to efficiently clear debris from your auric field
✅The versatile uses of Reiki symbols beyond traditional healing
✅How Reiki & Akashic Records heal past trauma & karmic patterns
✅And much more!


Once registered, you can start your journey right away with 4 FREE welcoming video interviews from Yolanda Williams, Heather McCutcheon, Frans Stiene, and Amanda Jayne. Plus, enjoy 3 of the downloadable summit gifts!




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