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Receive insights and clarity when you need it most. 

During a psychic reading, Samantha will connect to your higher self and spiritual guidance to bring through their loving guidance. As an Angel Intuitive, Samantha connects with your energy through Angel Cards. These beautiful cards are filled with loving messages to support and guide you. 

What you may experience in a Reading:

  • Receive clarity and understanding on your life experiences.
  • Clear old mental patterning obstructing your path.
  • End karmic contracts negatively impacting your relationships.
  • Meet your Spirit Guides and discover how they can help you.
  • Meet the Angels that support you today.
  • Enjoy personal meditations channelled from your guides.

Samantha will channel information that is specific to you and you alone. This has immense inner healing power.


Gain clarity today!

Make-a-Booking-1Manly – Tuesday

Mosman – Thurs & Sat

Skype Tues – Sat

“Sam has a very clear, strong and beautiful connection to the Angels/Spirit and is blessed with many spiritual gifts. Sam brought through the words of Spirit with such accuracy and in a way that was both compassionate and uplifting.”

Kerry B, Spiritual Healer

“Thank you so much for my reading yesterday. It has put things in order and I really have a great idea of where I am headed… It was wonderful to spend the time together with my guides to resolve those blocks.”

Donna M., Business Owner


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Manly – Tuesday

Mosman – Thurs & Sat

Skype Tues – Sat

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