Space Clearing


Cleanse your home or office to create an energised environment that you, your colleagues, and your family will love.

Your property will be cleared of toxic energy, and unwanted spirits, and tested for geopathic stress, black water lines, electromagnetic radiation, and other noxious energies.

Consultation by referral only

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Create an environment free of toxic energies and spirits from this life and past residents. Regain the autonomy and harmony of your own home.

Ideal when you are;

  1. Selling your property
  2. Moving into a new home
  3. Buying or selling office space
  4. Clear stagnant or toxic energies from the workplace to create a harmonious and vibrant environment for your successful business
  5. Family members unable to sleep or feel energetically drained


Make your home office radiate to support your energy and successful life! Your property will also be tested for geopathic stress, black water lines, Electromagnetic Radiation, and other noxious energies.

  • Each consultation takes 1.5 – 2 hours dependent on the size of the property.
  • At least one occupant of the home is required to be present during the clearing.
  • Our consultants travel within 10 km of Neutral Bay.

Please note: This session is available for current clients, or via referrals only.

For more information and bookings, contact:

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0 km-10 km Mosman NSW, 11km-20km Mosman NSW, Remote clearing


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