Smokey Quartz Generators and Channelers



Both Smokey Quartz generators and channelers, with their unique structures, are used to amplify intentions, focus energy, and facilitate spiritual connections or inner exploration.

Smokey quartz energy is soothing and reassuring making it a great tool to be grounded whilst exploring spiritual development.



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  • Generators: These crystals have a well-defined point at one end and a larger base. They’re potent in focusing energy and are often used for meditation or to amplify intentions. Generators are believed to harness and project energy upwards, making them ideal for clarity, focus, and grounding practices.


  • Channelers: Channeler crystals have a larger, seven-sided face with a small triangle or facet opposite it. They’re thought to facilitate communication with higher realms, guiding spiritual insights and allowing for a clear connection to inner wisdom. Channelers are believed to aid in channeling energies both for personal growth and for accessing guidance from higher sources.


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Small: 20mm x 17mm, Medium: 45mm x 23mm, Tall: 60mm x 20mm, 55mm x 30mm


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