Reiki Group Share


Sun 21 May 2023


Calling all Reiki graduates and healers to unite in self-healing and group healing swaps.

All Reiki levels and lineages are welcome.

Prerequisite: Attendees must be attuned to Reiki.


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“It was great to both give as well as receive the gift of Reiki! And the vibe and energy of everyone in the room were amazing, such a vibrant group of people that left me leaving happy. Would recommend it to anyone regardless of which stage they are at as a Reiki practitioner/learner.” Kaan

This is a very relaxed environment to share your Reiki light and bathe in wonderful group energy. You will be paired with someone of similar level and experience.

It doesn’t matter if you have not practiced for years, if you’ve recently graduated, or are a regular Reiki healer. This space is for YOU!

All Reiki levels and lineages are welcome.


  1. Drinking water bottle
  2. Blanket/sarong to cover yourself during your healing
  3. Pillow and clean pillowcase
  4. Open heart.

reiki practitioner giving energy healing in reiki course




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