Psychic Reading with Reiki



Connect with your family and friends in Spirit, or access a Soul’s message for someone living!
Explore fun Reiki techniques to conduct a psychic reading.


Suitable for Reiki level 2 & Master graduates

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20-minute compact tutorial of intrigue & connection to expand your Reiki skills to another level.

Using Reiki level 2 Symbols, Samantha will guide you through the doorway of the Psychic.

Equipment required

  1. Reference of your Reiki Level 2 symbols
  2. 1 hard copy photo of your passed-over loved one
  3. 1 hard copy photo of someone living to receive reading
  4. Note-taking device
  5. Glass of water

Psychic Reading with Reiki Mini-Workshop


Content: Video & Audio

Duration: 00:20:00



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