Prosperity Spray


Energetic Room & Aura Spray

Raise your vibration with Resonate Essences!


Increases our ability to feel & live a prosperous life. Prosperity is not just about financial flow & abundance, it’s the ability to truly enjoy every moment, embracing all the richness it holds. This includes an ever increasing level of emotional well-being flowing from increasing states of health & happiness, of joy, love & laughter.


Each spray is complemented with an affirmation and downloadable meditation


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Choose this: If you’re feel trapped in a pattern of financial lack & limitation that is holding you back from feeling the joy & wealth of emotional experience available in each moment.

Scents: jasmine, pink grapefruit & rosemary. Uplifting & inspiring.

Infuses: Prosperity & abundance, an increased ability to enjoy all the good things in life, including exponentially increasing levels of physical & emotional well-being.

Defuses: patterns of focus on negativity, lack & scarcity, feeling blocked & locked into a repeating pattern of lack & struggle, inability to deeply enjoy your life.


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