Meditation Teacher Training and Mentoring

21 Feb – 20 June 2021 (20 hours)

The teacher training and mentoring program is for professionals of personal and spiritual development, with fully developed psychic abilities ready to share their gifts through meditation. You will be equipped with a high level of teaching knowledge that allows your own vibration, passion, and excellence to shine.

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MANY TEACHERS EXPERIENCE A PROFOUND TRANSFORMATION AND SPIRITUAL DISCOVERY AS THEY EMBRACE THE INTENSITY OF THEIR SPIRITUAL VIBRATION TO THAT OF MASTER TEACHER. Witness the growth and spiritual development of your students as they report a blissful and humbling experience, one that will never be forgotten.

On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of Spiritual Meditation Teacher training.


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  • What it means to be a Spiritual Meditation Teacher
  • Professional obligations for Teachers in Australia
  • Understanding your energy
  • Personal preparation for classes
  • Preparation for your students before and after class
  • The art of teaching
  • Balancing group dynamics and group energy
  • Conducting channeled meditations
  • Lesson plans and course structures
  • How to perform beginners, intermediate and advanced meditations
  • Conduct of practical classes in a group setting
  • Consciousness shifts & spiritual awakenings
  • Psychic protection for student and teacher
  • Tools and equipment required for classes
  • How to market your classes


  • 20 hours of training; in-person and online with Master Teacher, Samantha Avery
  • 4 x 1 hour fortnightly post-graduate mentoring sessions with Samantha concluded within 6 months of training.

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  • A min 3-year experience of spiritual meditations is a group setting. 12 of those months at an advanced level.
  • Confident with personal psychic abilities



Class 1: Sun 21 Feb, 9am-1pm  Mosman in person

Class 2: Sun 7 Mar 9am – 11am Vimeo conference

Class 3: Sun 11 April, 9am – 1pm Mosman in person

Class 4: Sun 23 May. 9am – 1pm Vimeo conference

Class 5: Sun 6 June, 9am – 12pm Mosman in person

Class 6: Sun 20 June, 9am-12pm Mosman in person

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