Meditate with Spirit Guides

14 October 2021


Who are your Spirit Guides?

Why are they here?

How can they help you?


6 weekly classes live on Zoom

Investment $150


We all have guides. They are our spiritual fan club forever supporting us, guiding us, helping us every day. Our guides are pure love. When you truly connect to these incredible beings, you feel their support, their wisdom, their healing. You never feel alone – only pure unconditional love.


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Discover where guides come from and how they can help you in many areas of your life.
Meet your Master Guide through deep healing meditations. Find out which other ‘Transitional Guides’ are working with you today.

Learn how to communicate with them on a regular basis. We all have this ability all we need is a clear instruction to learn or ‘remember’ the tools to reconnect!

“It was wonderful to spend the time together with my guides… how we love to grow. Thank you again”

“I was in your ‘meet your spirit guide’ course. I thoroughly enjoyed it …and have been in communication with guides since. Such an amazing experience!”


Date: Thursday 14 October 2021

Time: 7.15pm – 8.45pm

Duration: 6 weekly classes

Format: Zoom Video


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Additional information

Date & Venue

Neutral Bay 4 & 18 October 2016


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