Crystal Clear Spray


Energetic Room & Aura Spray

Raise your vibration with Resonate Essences!


When you’re feeling in need of an energetic Spring Clean or contaminated by negative thoughts or your environment, allow the uplifting aromas & vibrations of Crystal Clear to cleanse your aura & let the light back in.


Each spray is complemented with an affirmation and downloadable meditation

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Choose Crystal Clear when you’re feeling flat or low in vibration.Or when contaminated with negative thoughts & feelings generated within yourself or picked up from others or your environment.

Very popular with professionals in counseling, massage therapy, natural and energy healing, to clear the treatment room between consultations.

Scents: overflowing with sweet Spring flowers, uplifting, expansive & joyous

Infuses: crystal clear, sparkling diamond, illuminated, light, glowing, reflective

Defuses: contaminated, dirty, blocked, polluted, stagnant, dull, hidden, buried


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