Channeling Spirit 11.10.21

11 Oct 2021

LIVE Remote Class


Develop your vibration to channel the purity of spiritual wisdom and healing for yourself, your clients, and your loved ones.

Full rate $195 / Concession $165


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“Thank you Sam for guiding us with such care, expert knowledge and attention during the Channelling Spirit course”. Leigh

You’re an advanced student of spiritual development meditation. The messages you are receiving from your meditations are getting clear. Now you are ready to go deeper and purer.┬áBeing able to channel the purity of spiritual wisdom is deeply healing and profoundly humbling. The messages are layered with insights each time to read or hear them

You will learn the essential principles of channeling and tools to devolved this information through channel writing and channel speaking. Channeling Spirit is the prerequisite to Spiritual Meditation Teacher Training program.


Term 1: The principles of Channeling

  • Channeled messages vs psychic messages.
  • Creating energetic parameters
  • Filtering energies
  • Symbolism with channeling guides
  • Vibrational exercises
  • Chakras and channeling
  • Channeled writing
  • Channeling through the psychic senses


Term 2: Channel writing

  • Psychic sensitivities
  • Assessing guidelines for channel
  • Energy shifts in the aura
  • Channeled writing
  • Channeled speech


Term 3 – Channel writing and healing

(Prerequisite: Minimum one term of Channelling Spirit)

  • Channeling guides
  • Dimensional travel
  • Channel speaking
  • Channel healing
  • Introduction to Channeling external elements.


Term 4

(Prerequisite: Minimum two terms of Channelling Spirit)

  • Principles of Channeling, part 2.
  • Assessing energetic parameters
  • Channel speaking external guides
  • Channel speaking nature elements
  • Introduction to Trance Channeling


Prerequisite Terms 1 – 3: Advanced spiritual meditation student with a minimum of 12 months in recent advanced meditation practice. Able to consciously connect with their Master Guides and angelic support. The student is well versed in their energetic boundaries and psychic protection and comfortable with their psychic abilities.

Prerequisite Term 4: Advanced student has completed 2 terms Channeling Spirit within the last 12 months. Or have prior experience of channeling for 12 months or more plus one hour face-to-face meditation consultation meditation with Samantha.


Developing your spiritual meditation practice?

If you are drawn to the Channelling Spirit program but do not yet meet the prerequisite, please review the Higher Love Consciousness meditation circle to advance your spiritual meditation practice.

New to meditation? Explore the power and harmony of meditation for all levels online where you will enjoy healing meditations and effective principles of stress management.


Channeling Spirit

Time Mondays 7pm – 8:45pm

Duration 5 FORTNIGHTLY classes

LIVE online via ZOOM

Investment $195 per term / Concession $165 per term

Term 4: 11 Oct 2021



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