Chakra Meditation Circle

11 Feb 2021

Live Online


Embark on a journey of deep healing and nurturing to energise your chakras. Activate your intentions through deep meditations uniquely channeled specifically for the group by meditation instructor, Samantha Avery.

Suitable for all levels. LIVE online.

No experience required

Earlybird ends 20 JAN 2021


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“Thank you for a truly sacred journey – healing and empowering!” Julie V.

The chakra system radiates seven major chakras through the center of our body. Each chakra unfolds information about the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness of our body. It covers many aspects such as our relationships with people, money, health, confidence, self-esteem, spiritual connection, and perspective. When we focus on balancing the chakras, we create a state of joy, fulfillment, understanding, and insights.

Each week you will journey through the one chakra, supporting it with positive healing energy and empowerment.

  • Week One: Base Chakra: Family, Home, Money, Career, security, sense of belonging in the world
  • Week Two: Sacral Chakra – Relationships, creativity, healthy boundaries, trusting in life, Clairsentience.
  • Week Three: Solar Plexus – Confidence, determination, drive, courage, sense of self, intuition, gut instinct.
  • Week Four: Heart – Love, forgiveness, heart’s desires, passion, grief.
  • Week Five: Throat: Expression, communication, speaking one’s truth, Channelling.
  • Week Six: Third Eye – Perspective, open-mindedness, judgments, ideas, Clairvoyance.
  • Week Seven: Crown – Connection to Spirit, Angels and Spirit guides, Oneness.

“Thank you for a wonderful course, I can’t wait until the next one!” Justine W.

Chakra Meditation Circle

Date: Thursday 11 Feb – 25 March 2021

Time: 7.15pm – 9pm

Investment: $195 Earlybird* / $225 full rate

Earlybird valid until 20 Jan 2021


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Manly – 26 Oct 2016, Manly – 3 May 2017


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