Bliss Spray


Energetic Room & Aura Spray

Raise your vibration with Resonate Essences!


Infuses an uplifting expansive feeling, whilst clearing your energy body & auric field of lower vibrational energy. A great way to lift your spirit & start your day.


Each spray is complemented with an affirmation and downloadable meditation

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Choose this to feel lighter, brighter & uplifted at any time. Great energy pick-me-up. Live each day in your Bliss!

Scents: tropical island holiday with frangipani, rose geranium, pink grapefruit & coconut.

Infuses: space & personal energy clearer, feeling of bliss & exhilaration, gives a higher perspective to view situations.

Defuses: disconnected feeling, frustration at repeating patterns, feeling burdened by carrying a weight of responsibility for self & others.


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