ANI.INA Reiki Infused Proxy



Uniquely designed Proxy, channeled and infused with Reiki symbols and chakra points for accurate distant healings.


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Deepen Your Healing Practice with the ANIINA Proxy

For Reiki practitioners and students alike, the ANIINA Proxy is a powerful teaching tool unlike any other. Its precise design combines the secondary chakras in the arms and legs with the main chakras, providing a comprehensive visual guide to enhance your understanding of the human energy system! This deeper knowledge translates to a more profound healing experience for your clients.

Beyond its functionality, the ANIINA Silk Proxy is a luxurious work of art. Crafted from silk, it drapes elegantly and boasts a stunning design that will look beautiful displayed on a wall when not in use. This exquisite piece is sure to be a treasured addition to any Reiki practitioner’s space.

Please note that ANIINA Proxies are made to order, ensuring you receive a unique and high-quality product. Delivery times vary depending on the material you choose:

  • Silk:¬†Allow 5 weeks for delivery.
  • Waterproof Banner & Poster Paper:¬†Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to helping you deepen your Reiki practice with the ANIINA Proxy.


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Silk, Waterproof Banner, 300gsm Matte Poster


Full Body 120cm x 180cm, A0, A1