ABUNDANT 2024! Vision Board Workshop

Thurs 18 Jan 2024


“Experience our 3-hour in-person Vision Board Workshop, tapping into the abundant energy of 2024. Craft personalized boards, manifest dreams with meditation and techniques, and enjoy a supportive community. All materials provided—suitable for all; book early, it sells out fast!”


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Get ready for an immersive experience blending creativity, spirituality, and the powerful energy of 2024—a year vibrating with abundance due to its numerological significance as 8 (2+0+2+4).


Join us in crafting your dreams into reality at our Vision Board Workshop!

In this transformative session:

  • Explore your desires through meditation and introspection.
  • Create a personalized vision board to manifest your dreams vividly.
  • Connect with a supportive community for inspiration.
  • Learn manifestation techniques to align with 2024’s abundant energy.


Samantha will guide you to set intentions, leverage the year’s energy, and tap into your potential for extraordinary achievements. Reserve your spot and let’s co-create an abundantly fulfilling 2024 together.


All materials provided.


“Everything I put on my vision board came true; grandchild, overseas trips, partner.. all of it!” Denise, Naturopath


Date: Thurs 18 January

Time: 6pm – 9pm

Venue Guidance for Heart and Soul, Neutral Bay, NSW.

Investment $99 inc materials & light refreshments. Booking essential


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