Reiki Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Japanese Reiki, Spiritual and Crystal Healing

Experience a deep sense of wellbeing. Balance your body, mind, and soul with the unique combination of Reiki, Energy Healing, crystals, mindfulness, meditation, and angelic support. Nourish your whole being.  Sessions are in-person or remote using distant reiki.

  • Feel energised and empowered.
  • Gain clarity and understanding of your life experiences.
  • Clear unwanted energy blocks and attachments from this life and past lives.
  • Receive spiritual guidance and acquire the tools to make life easier.

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“Thanks Sam, The distant reiki made me feel as if someone was holding my head and letting the energy flow. Really went into a deep state. Appreciated!” Roy, CFO Asia Pacific

Reiki Healing with Samantha can help you release years of accumulated resistance and energy blockages. Samantha will support your energy, give you tools to manage stress and anxiety, balance your chakras and connect to your higher self. Sessions can help to release stress, gain inner peace and free you of accumulated emotional baggage from this life or past lives. 

All services adhere to the NSW Code of Conduct.

“Sam is an excellent Reiki Practitioner, who quickly pinpoints the underlying reason for any physical pain or emotional blocks. She’s healed my long-standing sports injuries and even a broken heart, overnight!”

Cassandra, Management Consultant

“From the moment I met Samantha, I was touched and uplifted by her bright-eyed health and warmth; her clear, steady and exquisite connection with Spirit. I recommend a healing session with Sam.  It is a beautiful and also, empowering experience.  She is a gifted healer and teacher” 

Elizabeth A, Adelaide

“Thanks so much for the healing session yesterday. Already, I am starting to feel like my battery pack has been recharged. I’ll be back for more!” 

Fiona B, Business Coach

“Samantha, is a genuinely caring soul. She is a gifted healer with a strong foundation of training and knowledge that enables her to work effectively with a range of people and issues. If you are willing to be guided and allow yourself to receive, then a session with Sam can be a powerful moment in your life. Sam is part of my support network and I find her work such a gift.”  

Natalie Wareham, Kinesiologist

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