Reiki Healing Summit 20-24 May 2019

Discover new insights and healing practices to access your unique gifts.

Reclaim your Inner Light to Build a Healed New World Together!

A 6-Day Global Virtual Reiki Summit Featuring 30 Reiki Luminaries

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Torsten A. Lange
Elise Brenner
Lisa Campion
Ashwita Goel
Ashwita Goel
Ssanyu Birigwa
Wanda Buckner
Wanda Buckner
Sue Wang
Judy Camblor
Kate Jones
Ahtayaa Leigh
Kathleen Johnson
Pauline Raphaela
Adam Wiltshire
Donna DeNomme
Bryce Goebel
Deborah Dalziel
Samantha Avery
Mark Hosak
Andrea Kennedy
Neelam Rai
Deborah Lloyd
Jessica Miller
Jeff Baird
Brooke Betts
Dr. Maria Danilychev
Karla Sanchez
Mamta Nanda
Rosemary Levesque
Keiron Keene


What if you could empower yourself and others to be part of building a healed new world?

How would that change you, your family, your relationships, your career, your wellbeing, your environment, and even our beloved Earth?

What would our world look like if each of us embraced our Inner Light? If each of us lived from a space of Truth, Authenticity, and Peace?

You have the ability to access your Inner Light and expand it as the omnipotent source of healing, transformation, and unity. This is the solution for every challenging situation we are facing in our life right now ‐ an illness, the death of a dear one, an exhausting job, the end of a relationship, worries related to our children, an old trauma, an addiction, and even past life wounds.

Even though many of us have already embraced this path with Reiki practice, guidance is always welcomed in creating more awareness and openness toward deep transformation. While outside transformation is focused on symptoms and effects, the inner transformation has the potential to go inside, to the roots of any challenging situation and build a new, healthier possibility of manifestation from within.

Pairing these two paths of transformation gives us the holistic approach to healing ourselves and the world around us from the inside out. We must learn to look inward to discover the mysteries we seek outward. A healed inner world means a healed outer world! Simple as that!

“It’s probably the most widespread and well-known form of energy healing, and so Reiki is playing a really important role in bridging the gap between spirituality and science. I know that in many hospitals now, Reiki practitioners are there giving support to doctors and nurses, so there’s really an awareness and acceptance of energy healing that is growing amongst the mainstream and Reiki is at the forefront of that, I’d say. We’re at that time when we’re reaching a critical tipping point where more and more of the population are beginning to see that truth of our connection to the spiritual realms. And yes, I see Reiki as really leading the way as far as that’s concerned.” ‐ Ahtayaa Leigh

During The Reiki Healing Summit 2019, you’ll discover new insights and healing practices from 30 of the World’s Leading Reiki Healers and Experts to access your Inner Light and unique gifts and share them with the world for the greatest good of us all!

Many paths, same destination! Whether you are a Reiki healer or a practitioner working with other types of energy practices, you’ll find valuable guidance toward enriching and transforming your life and the lives of others in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

“All healing, I think, is self-healing and yet, as we do this self-healing and we peel these layers of wounding away and we open up to these greater places of evolution and growth and expression; as we do that, we not only heal ourselves, but we heal the planet. We know that this is a principle, but it never gets old to speak that out loud because it’s very powerful.” ‐ Donna DeNomme


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