Psychic Development 6 Feb 2020

Meditation for Psychic Development 06.02.20

Term 1: 6 Feb 2020

Term 2: 7 May 2020

Enjoy energizing meditations and effective principles of spiritual practices to develop your natural psychic senses.
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Over a course of 2 terms, you will explore key psychic abilities, and develop your clairsentience (intuition), clairvoyance (ability to see energy) and Clairaudience. You will also gain a deeper understanding of spiritual boundaries.


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Term 1. 6 Feb-26 Mar 2020

  • Psychic abilities. Meditations to stimulate and identify your psychic abilities.
  • Clairsentience: Your inner guidance is powerful. It never lets you down. Gain tools and practice to distinguish between your intuition and the doubting mind. Access the language of feeling the energy and use this to bring clarity to important decisions, drive your ambitions, and to identify other energy invading yours. Deep healing meditations and fun exercises.

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Term 2. 7 May – 25 June

  • Clairvoyance. There are three ways to see clairvoyantly. Which one are you? Gain the skills to enhance your meditations, dreams and goals.
  • Clairaudience. Hear the wisdom, reassurance, and clarity of your Guides, Angels and loved ones. These messages are pure love filled with positive guidance and empowerment.

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Meditation for Psychic Development

Date Term 1: Thurs 6th Feb 2020.

Time 7.15pm – 9pm

Duration 8 weekly classes/term

Capacity 12 people

Prerequisite: Students are able to meditate for 20 minutes or more in a still, seated position.

Venue Guidance for Heart & Soul, Suite 4, 701 Military Road, Mosman, 2088

Investment Individual Term: $269.

Special Package: Full course of 2 terms: $499 (Value $538)

Additional Information

Course Dates

30 May 2018 – Mosman,


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