Angelic Support Spray


Energetic Room and Aura Spray


An uplifting inspirational scent that helps raise your vibration to connect with the Angelic realms & Guardian Angels that have journeyed with you in this life from the moment you were born.

Choose this to increase your vibrations to a higher frequency & facilitate communication with the Angelic Realms.


Each spray is complemented with an affirmation and downloadable meditation.

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Product Description

Scents: Rose Geranium, Myrtle, Myrrh, soothing & uplifting.

Infuses: the feeling of being connected to your Angels & the ability to communicate with them, invoking their powers to serve & protect you on your journey through this life.

Defuses: feeling vibrationally low & heavy, unable to reach the frequency needed to hear, see, sense & feel your Angels, feeling abandoned by Spirit & alone in this life.


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