Reading and Healing

Combination sessions - reading and healing


Healing with Reading (Combination session)

Receive compassion, guidance and support through Samantha’s pure connection to your Angels and Spirit Guides through an Angelic Psychic Reading. Then balance your mind, body and soul through a healing of Reiki, Crystals and Access Consciousness©. Free your mind and energy of old patterns, and step into greater empowerment and inner peace. 

  • Feel energised and empowered.
  • Clear unwanted energy blocks and attachments from this life and past lives.
  • Gain clarity and understanding on your life experiences.
  • Receive spiritual guidance and acquire the tools to make life easier.
  • Clear old mental patterning obstructing your path.
  • End Karmic contracts negatively impacting your relationships.
  • Meet the Angels and Spirit Guides that support you.

After each Session Samantha will share everyday tools to energize your mind, body and soul. Experience real power and happiness in this truly nurturing and insightful session.

“I have utilised Samantha across a number of services. She has helped me feel confident about past, present and future occurrences through channelled meditation, Reiki teaching and healings and angelic readings. Energetic healings have enabled me to shed worries and move forward in life feeling refreshed and supported by the spirit world. I highly recommend her abilities for your spiritual empowerment.”

Robin M, Midwife

“I have had a number of readings and healings with Sam which have greatly assisted me on my spiritual journey.  Recently, I booked in for a reading with Sam when I was going through a very difficult time and was experiencing feelings of deep grief as a result of this experience.  Sam listened to my story with a deep compassion… I am so grateful for Sam’s reading and feel that it was a BIG turning point for me to move through my experience and to continue on my spiritual journey.”

Kerry B, Spiritual Healer 

Your IMake-a-Booking-1nvestment

1.5 hour session: $200

2 hour session: $250

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