Meditation classes

Meditation and spiritual development courses to help you thrive!

Remote classes LIVE on Zoom.

Meditation reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, supports the immune system, and improves clarity and focus. Meditation connects you to the wellness of your whole body. It improves compassion and empathy with others.

Enjoy LIVE online classes and on-demand courses suitable for beginner, general and advanced students. Face to face group classes resumes at our Mosman healing center in Term 4, October.

2020 LIVE Virtual Courses

Higher LOVE Consciousness Meditation 21 Jul – 15 Sept (Advanced) 
Rich, channeled meditations explore spiritual expansion and energy transformation. 

Duration: 5 Fortnightly classes. Includes a Facebook support group.

Meditation for Psychic Development 23 July-10 Sept
Enjoy energizing meditations and effective principles of spiritual practices to develop your natural psychic senses of Clairvoyance to see auras and Clairaudience to hear spiritual messages. Includes a Facebook support group.

Channeling Spirit 3 Aug – 31 Aug (Advanced)
Develop your vibration to channel the purity of spiritual wisdom and healing for yourself, your clients, and your loved ones. 5  weekly classes

Meditation On Demand:  Immediate Access


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Chakra Healing Meditation Circle  

(Beginners, Intermediate)

Fun, healing meditations to balance and align your chakras. Online: Immediate access. Duration: 7 classes.

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Divine Soul Healing Meditation Course

Access your higher intelligence and Divine Purpose for this lifetime. Powerful meditations journey beyond the 7 major chakras and into the realms of the higher Chakras; Soul Star, Yin and Yang polarities, Stellar Gateway and Earth Star.

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Higher LOVE Consciousness Meditation (Advanced) 

Rich, channeled meditations explore spiritual expansion and energy transformation. Duration: 5 Fortnightly classes. Includes Facebook support group.


Private Meditation Class 

(Beginners, intermediate, advanced) Personalised meditation class to develop your meditation technique to suite your level and development.

1 hour consultations via Skype or Facetime

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